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Although overwhelmed and distracted, your employees are craving purpose and meaningful connections more than ever.

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Bite-sized. Asynchronous

Our technology
Your employees record 100-sec answers to 20-sec questions about their experiences and expertise
Conversational Q&A format
Algorithmic mentor matching
Connect anywhere, anytime

Synced to your team’s workflow

How it works
15 minutes
Get your program up and
running with one quick set-up
5 minutes a week
Mentors reply to questions
from learners
10 minutes a month
Measure your company's
30 minutes
Tailor and grow your program from 10
to 1,000 users or from 1 to 10 locations

Enterprise-Level Reporting

Measure your impact


Individual employee


Corporate decision maker

Which solution is right for my team?

Mentoring synced with your company goals
Employees to Students
Make it easy for your employees to act as role models & company ambassadors sharing their knowledge & experience with 22,000+ students worldwide.
Employees to Employees
Efficiently share your company’s knowhow and expertise across your office regardless of location, investing in career development & retention.

Customer Stories

“This is the best engagement initiative I’ve ever been involved with”
“I love the global nature of the app. We have so much to gain from greater cross-cultural understanding”
“The app is ground-breaking”
“I liked the app so much that I use a similar format in how I now run my team meetings & manage my team.”

EY employees in 14 countries

Source:Collaboration Survey
conducted by EY-Seren Service Design Team

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