MicroMentoring can be both simple and life-changing.

We empower learners to engage, enjoy and measure it. In 100-second bits.

Big-4, S&P 500 companies, Ivy League Universities, the world’s top foundations, and learning institutions use 100mentors to empower their learners.

Why us? Because they can measure their mentoring ROI

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The 100mentors experience

Bite-sized, inquiry-based, fun, and measurable.

Mentees Ask

We empower educators to set discussion topics on our app, where learners of all ages ask questions.

Mentors Answer

Our algorithm helps mentors match with top questions in their fields of expertise and seamlessly record 100-sec video answers.

We Measure

Make a positive impact you can measure - track successful learning and partnership outcomes, evolving every step of the way!

Our mission

We educate humans to become better listeners and inquirers. Our mission is to empower 100 million learners by 2025 to get the most out of their mentoring relationships and make their once-in-a-lifetime decisions more consciously.

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