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Everyday our work enables the pairing of a NASA engineer with a physics class in Zimbabwe, a New Orleans jazz virtuoso with a music assignment group in Berlin, a museum director in Rome with a history class in Hong Kong.

Life at 100 mentors

Our team

The team is the heart of a company. We love spending time together in and out of the office. Whether through lunchtime storytelling, birthday surprises, after-work drinks, or a quick game of office basketball, our team is all about having a great time with the people you work with everyday.

Build your work station

We believe people do the best work when they’re in their zone. Make your workspace uniquely you with personalized layout, decorations, snacks, supplies, and anything else you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Meals & Snacks

Whether it’s with fresh fruit from the local market, or with chocolate-berry cereal bars, our kitchen is always stocked with great snacks, and a lot of coffee! Forgot lunch? See what’s cooking at local restaurants, and get in on the group order.

Flexible Vacation

Found an unbeatable flight to Morocco? Invited on a ski trip in Austria? Our flexible vacation policy works with your lifestyle, not against it. Take the breaks you need. We trust you.

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